LicenseKeeper – Keep Those Mac Serials Safe 3


LicenseKeeper – Keep Those Mac Serials Safe

With all of these applications that I am reviewing, and all of these applications you are buying, it may get a little tricky to keep hold of your licenses, serials and other codes you have to remember to keep you applications licenses. You could write them down in a spreadsheet, or keep track of all your emails. This is a possibility but it is messy and insecure. You could use keychain although this tends to get a little difficult and not as simple as a standalone program. Enter LicenseKeeper. The application designed to keep track of your licenses.

Keeping Those Numbers Safe

LicenseKeeper pretty much does what it says on the tin. It is a database application that gives you a nice clean interface to add your serials, as well as other information. Once as you add an application there is a variety of features to help your keep track of everything. For example there is space for attachments such as email, and other pieces of information, registration information such as the email you may have used. Publisher and purchase information so you don’t have to go looking when something goes wrong. As well as any additional notes.

The graphical interface is very pretty. For example it will automatically pull across any application icons (similar to this website) and fill out the relevant information for you. There is lots of space to put extra information and notes so you can really store all of your information. It is also quite smart. It can scan your email boxes for information as well as the ability to import certain emails. It can also add just normal items. Say for example you have a registration code for a site, you can store this bit of information in LicenseKeeper as well.

The Intruder Stole My Files

There is a couple of problems with this application which detract from giving it a good score. For example there is no encryption. This app is then similar to every other method you could use. As a result it is a bit insecure. Other than that this program is pretty good and well rounded.


If you buy a lot of Mac programs this sort of application is probably ideal for you. It is flexible, has the ability to store a lot of information and is very easy to use. For the average Joe who my be buys one or two applications this program is probably not worth the $20 price tag. But like every application I mentioned, download the program and try it out yourself. I can’ only say so much.

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App Info:

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  • Requirements:

    Mac OS X 10.4 - 10.5

  • Pros:

    Stores all of your software licenses in one place

  • Cons:

    No encryption, only useful if you buy a lot of apps

  • Rating:

    star star star star star

LicenseKeeper – Keep Those Mac Serials Safe

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3 Responses to “LicenseKeeper – Keep Those Mac Serials Safe”

  1. 1

    I have a nice mac app like this that does have encryption and able to set a password. It’s called rapidserial

    It waorks very well for me and I hardly ever used it until I found all my serial numbers. Now when I need to upgrade gforce and softskies I don’t have to open my email to do it ^^. There’s lots more apps on that site that are ver good but this and rapid resize are my favs.

    Comment By Jim on October 16th, at 1:38 pm

  2. 2

    I make with FileMaker Pro something similar for personal use sometime ago. This is an eye-candy app but for a single use (save serial numbers only) the price is very expensive.

    Comment By JuniHH on October 20th, at 9:17 pm

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    Comment By Закон об оружии 2009 on August 30th, at 3:16 pm